Monday, February 8, 2010

Rock on.

This is Apple Blossoms and the middle isn't painted. I want to try to put a mirror paint on there and see how it works, but we shall see. I painted over the green on this one. ($125)
Bigger piece of wood with a verse from Be Thou My Vision (one of my favorite hymns) on it. The trees are made out of watercolor vintage magazine. ($35)
Vintage magazine, white wash, collage on wood ($35)
I have a thing for guitars. It's probably because I've always wanted to play one but settled on the cornet and piano. Rock on ($35)
Stained from art for life I guess. Okay with me. I swear, I bathe.


Eden said...

Just found your blog! What fun stuff you do! About that frame that you want to paint mirror paint. Have you thought about just having a piece of mirror cut for it? It's pretty inexpensive, at least by me it is. I'm sure whatever you do will look good.

Andy Rogers said...

You should do a 5 part series for Be Thou My Vision.

I'd love to see your interpretations for each verse.



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