Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love Birds

Detail of Love Birds.

Acrylic and collage on canvas. $45 (SOLD)
Inspiration: Diane's valentine shirt this morning....

Elsa just wanted to fly...

"Elsa and her poppies" 4x5 collage on watercolor paper. $20 (not fuzzy in real life, scanner went on the fritz)

"She conquered the egg with courage" 4x5 collage on watercolor paper. $20

"Elsa just wanted to Fly" 4x5 collage on watercolor paper $20

Meet Elsa. These are done by Diane Miller (bio coming soon!)
Let us know if you want these cute little collages to be yours!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Huck and Pear Gigantico

Pear Gigantico. You know you want it. (SOLD)

Detail (sorry about the shoddy camera work, I need a new camera...cough cough)

It's a big one. Acrylic, collage on glass window.

Detail of w"leaf" pane. This one is SOLD! Woo hoo.

Detail of "key" pane

Detail of "pear" pane.

It's called, "Huck" because I used snippets of an old Huck Finn novel for the collage. This is the commissioned work for a friend. I think it turned out well....hopefully they'll like it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Top 10 Studio Essentials and influences

Diane's top 10 studio essentials:

Sewing Machine
Large selection of SCRAPS
Matte Medium
Tube watercolors and acrylics
A large selection of permanent markers
Painted paper towels
Oil Crayons

Top 5 Influences (This week anyway)~
Joseph Cornell
Robert Rauschenberg
Milton Avery
Children's Artwork
Art Magazines

Keri's top 10 studio essentials:

Sharpies/paint pens
Acrylic and Watercolors
Paint brushes of all shapes and sizes
Collage papers (old things, music, books, receipts, love letters)
Sewing machine
Modge Podge
Graphite and charcoal sticks
Junk (buttons, wire, tin foil, etc)
Large glass windows
An uninhibited imagination and babysitter

Top five influences this week:
Diane Miller
Kelly Rae Roberts
Teesha Moore
The Barnes and Noble magazine section
Dreaming of spring

Friday, January 9, 2009

Kim's art!

Kim shares the same passion for finding random objects on the side of the road and making them into art. She found these screens by the curb and now look at then! Brilliant.

This marvelous sampling of artwork is from fellow mother of two, Kim Dean. She is a former biology teacher (go figure) and current stay at home mom and artist. She has the steadiest hand I've ever seen and pays great attention to detail. Here is her website:
Her loving hubby set it up for her, along with teaching her how to back stitch...seriously, ask her sometime. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Window sizes

This one is another one from our house, one of the panels is about to come out. I need to do a little fix it job before I get to work.

This one is 31 by 31 and has a great old pull at the top.

This one is 29 by 34.

There are two like this one is 28x28 and isn't as old and the other is 32x32.

Here are the "empty" windows that I scored at Alice's Wonderland in Mt.Vernon. She has awesome stuff and gave me a great deal. I try to make it there at least once every two weeks to see the new treasures she has. It's great to shop local too! They are awaiting custom orders or my muse to kick in. I've got a few ideas, the timing just needs to work out.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Au Pear

A close up of my favorite pear

Close up of one of the panes.

Here is the antique window (over 100 years old, from my house actually...) with a collage and acrylic painting on the back.

This photo doesn't do justice, but it's pretty large and mighty heavy but it rocks and would look marvelous in any one's living room or kitchen.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Diane's Art!

Meet Diane Miller...okay, meet Diane's artwork. A former art teacher (like myself) taking time off to raise babies...her baby is Mason, he's almost 1! She does awesome things like bookmaking and fabric dolls and painting....she does it all. I'll get her bio up here shortly, but here are some samplings of her work.


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