Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Art in your house?

This is the window that I did for Kim. She wanted a mirror in the middle so I bought some mirror spray paint (yes, there is such a thing) It doesn't give a super reflective finish, but it does give it some vintage flair. I like how it turned out.

(The two piece on the piano are for a baby gift) As you can see I am a little like the mama-razzi, I take a billion photos of my children. So much so that they have asked me to, "please put the camera down and play with us mom." Eeek!

So this weekend at the art show I was having a conversation with the cute ladies from Things with Wings, and they asked if I had my artwork up in my house. Apparently in the art world some things (like having your own works) in your house is a tad on the taboo side. I'd have to argue against it because I love hanging up my art in my house. I figure there are a few reasons why one my hang their own pieces up in their house but for me it boils down to 1. I usually can't afford anyone elses artwork 2. I make things that would look good in my house and that are pleasing to me 3. I have run out of places to store the windows and thus making many homes around my house! Above are a few of the places I have found to hide artwork in mi casa!

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Periwinkle Pass Studio said...

Keri, Love your work. I think it is perfectly fine to have your own work hanging in your home. I usually created things I would like in my own home. After a while, I may or may not sell them.


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