Monday, June 30, 2014

Big news!!

I am so excited about this!  You can finally buy some of my artwork as prints right here at One Mission Fundraising!    Just like this print!  You can pick a size and then frame them however you want.  They are on quality paper and look just like the originals, in fact I could hardly tell the difference.  I also designed some of their t-shirts and logos.  The t-shirts are so soft!

This cool thing about this website is that it also has other amazing things like candles, t-shirts, lotions, soaps and other art prints.  If you need to raise money for something, say you want to adopt from Haiti and need the funds, you use this site.  You start a fundraiser, share the website with family and friends and they buy what they want. QUALITY things that they'll actually use and love! They take care of shipping and money and all of that not so much fun stuff and you get a portion of the sales for your fundraiser.  SO perfect.

So go look, love and BUY!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Art

I have been taking down our barn one piece of wood at a time.  Here is what I have been working on in my first few weeks of summer vacation.  I'm taking orders on signs and things that can be shipped.  Window orders have to be local.

 (Left two sold)

 For an Aggie fan (sold) 

 (top one sold) 
 Flag and small sunshine still available

 (right sold) 
 (sold) I can make more! 


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