Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Art break update

Hello friends and fans! It's been a while. 

Here is an update on my art making status. 

I'm still working on getting settled teaching at my new school and need some extra time to be with my family after school.  Since I'm teaching K-8th and a high school class, my brain is on overdrive pretty much 24/7.  I'm going to put ordering signs on hold until you hear from me (hopefully later this fall!) So check back with me (this blog or Facebook) to see when I'm back. 

If you're local, I may be able to get some windows done.  

Thank you for being understanding and patient!  It's great to know the demand for creative things is still high :)  

I will have some signs and windows for sale at the LINCOLN HIGHWAY ART FEST on Saturday September 22, form 9-4pm uptown Mt.Vernon.  Great event! 


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