Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spring come soon

Both of these spring beauties are 32'' by 31'' inches and $100 buckaroos. They'd look great anywhere in your house. Seriously.

Taking Valentines orders now! Get them in quick so I can get them to your sweetie in time for the most overrated holiday ever. I'm not bitter at all. Nope.

Big news. It's January 31. It's also 60 degrees and we're in Iowa.  I love this.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Classroom artwork

 I LOVE making signs for classrooms! Here are some examples of a few that have been done in the past.  The 2' by 2' signs (seen above) are $65 each, plus shipping.  They can be completely personalized for your classroom.  The signs below are 10'' by 24'' and $40 plus shipping.  The long sign 10'' by 4' is $65 plus shipping.  Let me know if I can make something for your class!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Custom baby artwork

 This is a four foot long custom nursery piece of artwork! I love making things for sweet babies.  Hopefully this baby will be here soon and get to see how awesome his room is.  Cause it's going to be awesome.
This bad boy (2' by 2' sign, $65 plus shipping) is for a HUGE Husker fan family.

Thumbprint tree guest book!

Wedding season is just around the corner!  Here is a thumbprint tree that I made for a couple getting married in July.  Each guest will use waterproof ink and stamp their thumbs on the tree as leaves.  They'll then put their names by each leaf.  The finished product is going to be great!  This can be framed after all of the prints are on it....AND you can use it if any of your guests get rowdy during the reception. You'll have fingerprint proof!  (From $30-$50)

I can also make a balloon thumbprint guest book (the guests thumbs are the balloons and the couple is in a hot air balloon basket) Way cool.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Penns and Needles!

 There is a new fabric store in town (here in Lisbon/Mt.Vernon!) Look at all of these awesome fabrics, pre-cut quilt squares and goodies!  It's in the old middle school building (First Street Community Center) on the top floor.

 These are my flannels!  I designed them a LONG time ago.....when I had babies!
 The store is called Penns and Needles! 

 You might even find some of my artwork in there! ($25 framed)

Family trees

Here is a special order I did for a family in Iowa.  The tree leaves are made out of an old Iowa map. 
($65 plus shipping)

 I can't believe I did this.....being a Hawk fan and all....but here is a special request for an Iowa State family sign. ($40 plus shipping)
Another family tree!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Team Signs!

Oh thank you Pinterest (and fans!) for making these team signs popular.  I've received so many orders for so many different teams!  Here is the information if you're interested in purchasing one!

Smaller sign
 (10'' by 24'') on wood with a hanger on back.
$40 plus shipping.

Bigger square signs
2' by 2'
$65 plus shipping

Send me an email (LKSpeidel (at) Mchsi.com) if you're interested.  Please include......
1. Team name, colors, size and wording you prefer
2. Shipping address
3. Payment preference (I like Paypal but you can mail a check if you'd like!)
4. Allow 7-10 for delivery from the postal service

Thank you thank you!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map....

These two bad boys are made out of an old Iowa map.  They can be customized by adding names, initials or your favorite quote!  They're 2' by 2' and $65 (plus shipping) each!  Love me some maps!


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