Monday, February 15, 2010

Art night and wine tasting

Just a few photos from the art night! These windows are still available!

The space was limited so I had to squeeze all of my art on a window sill.
The art night and wine tasting was a success! Lots of fun and just a relaxing time selling some art. Sales were a little slow but we did get to see some friends. Here are a few photos from the night. The window on the wall is an actual window from the old building before they renovated, I snagged it before they threw them away!
Here is the coffee shop and cafe. Wonderful wood, coffee and wine/beer in the evenings. You should come and check it out!
I finished this little guy right before the show, although I believe I posted a photo yesterday. Sorry to bore you. It did not sell, so it's still available!
I got on a flower broach/pin kick. I made an insane amount and they are still available too. I am thinking of sewing some hats and putting them on for added that a word? Chicness? Now it is.
This has nothing to do with the art show, I just wanted to show off my heart shaped pancake that I made the boys for breakfast.
This was the scene Saturday morning. There was fog and a little snow that turned into this beautiful frost on the trees.
Ed and Bett from Mount Vernon were there too. They make this incredible jewelry from hand. Fortunately for them, I was standing next to it the whole night admiring and then of course...buying :) I didn't get a photo of the other set up from Things with Wings for some reason, they had some amazing artwork as well. They had some fun at the end when their car battery died and we borrowed some random dude from inside to help us jump the car. Fun times.

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