Thursday, February 4, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Just a little heart broach I threw together to add some color to my coat. It needed some love. So far the only thing I can sew is felt and my thumb.
Just finished a batch of wood works. This one is blank because I'm waiting for someone to, "order" something on it. Like a last name or a saying or a bible verse.
Up close and personal of my cupcakes.
I took a vintage magazine circa 1900 and watercolored on it for the cupcake part and then used fabric as the bottom. Turned out pretty cute!

I know this saying is totally over used, but it was the only thing I could think of today.
Sorry about the bad photo. It says, "Be still and know that I am God." Words to live by for sure. I don't know the meaning of BE STILL, but I am slowing learning!
Here is the "batch" of wood works! I like working on wood because I love the texture and it's cheap. Thank you Menards.
This bad boy is currently in my kitchen, sitting on my cabinet...waiting for someone to buy. I've grown quite attached though.
My collection of vintage pitchers in my kitchen. Love them.
...and my collection of cobalt blue glass in my sink window. Love them too.
I've taken over the kitchen table since it's so cold. We had a "picnic" lunch today because there was paint and glue all over the table. The boys loved it and I didn't have to disturb the mess.


Unknown said...

I love the "Be still..." quote! It's actually one of Joe's mom's favorite quotes too. And it goes great with lots of artwork!
For Christmas, I gave Joe's parents a black & white print of a pic I took of Joe's backyard with that phrase inscribed. I took down the actual photo I gave them, but the original photo is here.

Anonymous said...

I love that poppy painting! Did you do it? If so what kind of paint did you use?!


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