Sunday, July 15, 2012

On the night you were born....

This window is for my mama. It only took me four months to FINALLY get to it.  It was for her April.  I'm fairly certain she still loves me though.  It's going to hang above the couch in my parents living room.  

Below are some special orders for new babies, anniversaries and new classrooms! I love it! 


Unknown said...

I am very interested in the picture that is 3rd from the bottom, Please email me at, I would love to purchase one like it from you

laurie said...

Hi, I am also interested in purchasing one of these pieces, if possible. I really like the one that is 4th from the bottom. Please email me at If you can send me any info, that would be great,
Laurie Kunz

Jenny said...

Are you still selling these signs? If so... how much are they? There are several I might be interested in. You can email me at Thanks!


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