Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It pains me to have to raise prices, but due to a high volume of sign orders and shipping costs rising, I'm going to have to.  If you ordered in the past week your price will be what I quoted you.  Prices will be different if you pick up your artwork.  As of TODAY (July 25, 2012) these will be the prices on the signs.......sorry for any inconvenience!

1. 10'' by 24'' signs $50 (that includes shipping/handling)
2. 2' by 2' thin birch wood signs, $80 (that includes shipping and handling) 
3. 12'' by 4' long sign, $85 (that includes shipping/handling)

I'd like to do as many orders as I can before school starts because once it does, I will have to slow down or I might just keel over.  Thanks for understanding! 

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