Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring is here....again?

(Poppies, smaller window $50)

Iowa is known for it's wacky bi-polar weather and this spring has been no different.  We started in March with warmer weather, trees started to bloom and then these past few weeks it has been cold.  We're finally into May and it's going to be 80 this week, with thunderstorms to boot.  Make up your mind.  The cold weather has given me some extra time indoors in my studio....er, uh I mean kitchen table. These windows will be for sale at Chalk the Walk this weekend (May 6-7 2012) at Penn's and Needles in Mt.Vernon. 

Spring birds, smaller window $50 The background is more yellow than the photo shows.  

This is a special present for our elementary secretary.  She does an awesome job of keeping that school on track, organized and ultra happy.  She is probably the happiest woman I've ever met.  We appreciate you!

 Special order for a dance teacher!  Don't forget about them!
Family Tree (2' by 2') Special order.  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. 

This is what happens when you mow the lawn and the white dog decides to run around in the grass clippings. It really has nothing to do with art, I just thought it was cool.  

More special teacher orders! These are 10'' by 24'' and $48 (includes shipping)

A gift for a special mother who loves the Hawkeyes but wasn't  a fan of the gold and black in her house.  She got green and blue swirls instead!

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