Monday, April 23, 2012

7 hours of art making......

 .....and my back is killing me! BUT I finished all of the orders that I had for this weekend! This one is for a wedding gift, it's an 10'' by 24'' ($40 plus shipping)
 2' by 2' team sign (on wooden panel) $65 plus shipping! This one is headed to Nebraska!
 Dos Owls. $50 (local pick up only...sorry:(
 Family tree example.  2' by 2' birch wood panel.  $65 plus shipping.
 Coffee Cup ($100) vintage window
 For an Aggie fan!
 18'' by 18'' canvas with hymn pages as the leaves of the flowers. Special order.
 Another wedding gift (10'' by 24'') $40 plus shipping. Special order.
2' by 2' special order family tree!

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Ivy said...

Love the family tree and all the vintage windows!

Great work!


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