Sunday, October 2, 2011

Word up.

 Our church's youth room was lacking a little and needed some serious loving.  It had some couches sans 1974 and some technicolor walls (no offense to the previous wall painters) There was cardboard pieces over the windows and holes in the wall (as most youth rooms do have!) So Janet (that pretty lady in the photo below that doesn't know she's on the internet yet) and myself took on the HUGE challenge of  redecorating this enormous room where all of the youth hang out.  We wanted it to be cool (of course) uplifting and not make you nauseous when you walked into it.  So we went with an industrial and retro kind of look with road signs on the walls (it's legal, don't worry!) and some really cool spaces for the kids to hang out.  We're not completely done, but here are some photos of what we've done so far.
 New blinds on the wall thanks to Budget Blinds.  A perfect shade of gray! Along with our fabulous stop sign that was purchased from Alice's Wonderland here in Mt.Vernon. We love to shop local!
 You can't see it very well but one of our awesome church goers donated some stainless steel panels for the front wall.  I'll have to get a better photo of it later.  Another fantastic volunteer painted this chalk board wall on the front.  I then worked my magic with a Sharpie Pen......two and a half hours later......VOILA!
 I wanted the verses and words to be uplifting and hopefully mean something to the students that walked into these doors.  I think it turned out pretty well, don't you!?
So if you're in the market for some verbiage on a wall in your me, baby.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this....what a great idea!! The room looks awesome!!

volleyball mom said...

Wow....this is an awesome idea! The room looks great!

Unknown said...

I love it!


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