Saturday, October 22, 2011


 My sweet husband surprised me this week by bringing home a framed copy of the newspaper article that featured my artwork.  He told me it was for my new "studio"....whenever and wherever that may be!  I'm hoping soon....still looking!
 This is my son in his garment of choice....a life jacket.....planking.  Weirdo.
 My other "hobby" is playing the cornet. I am lucky enough to play in The Eastern Iowa Brass Band with some very talented musicians.  We have a competition coming up and practicing has taken over my "free" time.
These are special order for John over at He has two cats that "hunt" in the garage and they needed some signs to put on the door indicating whether or not the cats were in there.  The paw prints are made of chalkboard paint, so they can simply put a check mark on them when the cats are doing their hunting.

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