Tuesday, May 3, 2011


 Some might say that I have a slight obsession with poppies.....but just a slight one.  I might have to agree. I am drawn to this flower, the texture of the petals and the vibrant colors.  The way the stems are like skinny legs, dancing in the wind.  Sorry, I can't help it.  Obsession ($125)
 It's 40 degrees outside.  This is just plain wrong.  Even the dogs are mad because it's May and it's cold, they clearly want inside where it's warm out.

 I like to use old books to create things for our library.  This newest pretty is a flower pot and flowers made out of an old version of Huck Finn.  It gets delivered to the library this afternoon!
And a sneak peek (this is my sidewalk) of what I may be doing for Chalk the Walk this weekend.

I'll be there Saturday AND Sunday with my artwork (pending any rain....but it's not going to rain!)

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Tara said...

Keri-I LOVE those flowers! Are they on real sticks?


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