Sunday, May 29, 2011

Henryetta and Lorane

 This large orange canvas is a special order for a special lady. She is re-doing her kitchen in oranges and yellows and loves this song. So this canvas will soon adorn the new kitchen.
 This is not Henryetta or Lorane.....this is Yoda Owl. Something happened to her ears and she turned out a wee bit like Yoda. Help you I will.  Buy her you will. 18x24 canvas/acrylic/vintage magazine ($50)
 Meet Henryetta and Lorane.  Why Henryetta and Lorane you ask?  Those are two of the cities on the maps I used to cut out to make the birdies.  I'm really liking this one.  It may have to stay in my house.....but my gas tank says otherwise.  18x24 canvas $70
Um, yea. This is my five year old and THOSE are MY ear plugs.......not anymore!!

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