Monday, September 6, 2010

Thick skin

I've tried many times to give the definition of what it means to be an artist. Such an elusive word.....artist. Hard to define.

I'd like to consider myself an artist.

I'm sure there are people in the world that wouldn't.

I spent this past weekend at an arts festival, which I was very honored to asked to participate.

My friend Mary Campbell (who, as you can see, is pretty amazing) did two chalk murals. I did a Grant Wood and she did an Alfonse Mucha. This is a shot from above. They were right next to the new Bottleworks Condo's in CR, which I might add, are also pretty amazing.
Here I am setting up my stash of window art and signs. Things I work so hard on and put my heart and soul into. The things that I consider to be artwork. The works that I want people to enjoy, to be able to afford and to love as well.

I had a marvelous time this weekend, I learned a lot, sold a few things and was surrounded by a different breed of people. I also broke my tent and sliced my chin open....but that is another story. Thank goodness for duct tape! (not on my chin...the tent...although that may have stopped the bleeding quicker!)

Anyways, I learned that no matter what people say, their body language or their ecstatic comments about what I do, it doesn't matter. I love it. I loved painting it. It's art.

I am an artist.

I had to deal with a lot of comments this weekend. Just to let you know...when you're standing four feet away from me...I CAN HEAR YOU. For the most part they were very positive, raving and saying, "how cool!" and, "this is amazing," but of course there were a few, "I could do that," and "I wouldn't pay money for that." It wouldn't be life without critics. I am slowly learning to have thick skin and soak up the positive comments! I'm pretty sure many people could do what I do and if you can't, then I'd love to help you! That's the beauty of teaching art!

In college I had to write many a paper on different styles, techniques and why artists were the way they were. I vowed never to turn into one of those, "artists." The kind of artist that thinks that the years of study, number of degrees or letters behind their names truly defines their work. The kind of artist that puts up their noses to other people's beautiful work and doesn't truly appreciate the real beauty behind it. You may not like the style, but you have to at least appreciate the work behind it. Think of how many different types of art there are? You can't like every single one.

Okay, I will now step down off of my proverbial soap box.....*sigh*
Sorry for the upside down shot....the finished was HUGE.
Here I am, doing what I love to do!
I was also honored to be asked to do a funky mural in a clinic in Hiawatha. This room will be used primarily for teenagers, so it had to be, "cool." I like to think I'm still cool. Sometimes. Anyways, I finished this morning and here is part of the wall. There are also five windows of mine that tie into the theme of music and trees and rocking on!

Rock on.


Sharon Lobb said...

Just for the record...I love your artwork, and I think you are a very talented artist, a major multi-tasker and one of the most creative peeps I know. I love you Keri.

Shadley said...

you are an artist! but thanks for the reminder to keep the thick skin on and to enjoy our work because it comes from our hearts and not because others say it's art or not!


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