Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lincoln Highway soggy fest

 This festival has always brought me luck....okay, so it's only my second year, but last year I did awesome. This year was a little COLD and RAINY.....and when I say COLD and RAINY....I mean COLD and RAINY. There was a river running down through my tent.  This photo is before the rain came.
 Let me tell you about this lady.  She rocks.  She let me borrow her van AND she sat with me to help AND she brought me hot coffee and cookies AND she helped me load back in the van in the cold rain.  She's working on sainthood for sure.

 Here is a shot of my ghetto tent.  Yup, it's ghetto alright. See the size and shape of the other vendor tents? HUGE and WHITE (kind of like my rear end) and my tent was small and navy.  I do have to say, there were a lot of people outside of my ghetto tent...because I'm cool like that.

I did make a few sales in the morning (Thank the Lord) and can't complain, but I would have loved an entire day devoted to dwindling my window collection.  It was great to see local people as well as people who came just to buy a window from me! Very honored.  The next event will be at Ed and Betty LaPointe's open house on December 4th in Mt.Vernon.  I highly recommend you mark your calendars for this.....they will have their amazingly awesome jewelry, a handmade purse lady, ceramic artist and myself.  A great place to buy Christmas presents for sure.

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