Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Art Q&A

What better way to celebrate this magnificently blustery day then to play a little Q&A session. Here goes.

Q: Where do you find your old windows?

A: A few places. 1. Freecycle 2. Street corners and garbage cans 3. My friends 4. I find out where people are renovating and then ask if I can, "take them off their hands." They usually are stoked. 5. Alice's Wonderland Antique Store in Mt.Vernon. She usually has a great stash for me once in a while. I clean her out. I have quite the stash now but will always take more, especially the small ones!

Q: What is your technique behind "watercolor magazine"

A: Exactly what it sounds like. I use old magazines (the ones that aren't coated in any gloss and take watercolor well) and use my good ole trusty Dick Blick watercolors and carbonate or charcoal pencil. Very tricky, I know.

Q: Where do you come up with the inspiration behind some of your art?

A: I often ask myself that very same question. Most of the time I see something on a website that will spark an idea, then I run into the kitchen.....pull out a window and go at it. I rarely sketch my ideas down. I like flying by the seat of my pants.

Q: Where do you get your vintage materials?

A: Usually antique stores (Polly Ann's in MV) They sell them very cheap if you can dig around. Garage and tag sales are good too. I go through my parents stash of old things once in a while.

Q: What is your art background?

A: God has graciously given me a little artistic talent and of course my mama. She encouraged creativity in all forms. I thank her for that. Ironically I didn't have time for an art class in high school because of music, but I majored in art and secondary education from Cornell College. Taught high school and middle school art for two years and hope to return someday when chillins are in school.

Got a question? Ask away in the comment section.

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Jordan and Malcolm Granado said...

Keri, you are so talented, I enjoy looking at your work


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