Saturday, April 4, 2009

Knee Deep In Daisies and Leaf me alone

Detail of Leaf me Alone.

Leaf Me Alone. Collage/Acrylic/Antique window 2x3'

2 x 3' (SOLD)

One side says Knee Deep the other says In Daisies (it's from an old song called Knee Deep in Daisies and head over heels in love) The music is from the sheet music to that song.
2.5 x 3' Antique window, Acrylic/collage (SOLD)
Knee Deep in Daisies


Janice said...

Those are super cute! The split pane window is cool :)

Allison said... them both, especially "Daisies". BTW - My "window" continues to keep my living room looking adorable!


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