Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Top 10 Studio Essentials and influences

Diane's top 10 studio essentials:

Sewing Machine
Large selection of SCRAPS
Matte Medium
Tube watercolors and acrylics
A large selection of permanent markers
Painted paper towels
Oil Crayons

Top 5 Influences (This week anyway)~
Joseph Cornell
Robert Rauschenberg
Milton Avery
Children's Artwork
Art Magazines

Keri's top 10 studio essentials:

Sharpies/paint pens
Acrylic and Watercolors
Paint brushes of all shapes and sizes
Collage papers (old things, music, books, receipts, love letters)
Sewing machine
Modge Podge
Graphite and charcoal sticks
Junk (buttons, wire, tin foil, etc)
Large glass windows
An uninhibited imagination and babysitter

Top five influences this week:
Diane Miller
Kelly Rae Roberts
Teesha Moore
The Barnes and Noble magazine section
Dreaming of spring

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