Friday, January 16, 2009

Huck and Pear Gigantico

Pear Gigantico. You know you want it. (SOLD)

Detail (sorry about the shoddy camera work, I need a new camera...cough cough)

It's a big one. Acrylic, collage on glass window.

Detail of w"leaf" pane. This one is SOLD! Woo hoo.

Detail of "key" pane

Detail of "pear" pane.

It's called, "Huck" because I used snippets of an old Huck Finn novel for the collage. This is the commissioned work for a friend. I think it turned out well....hopefully they'll like it!


Allison said...

The "friend" is ecstatic about Huck and cannot wait to pick it up. Like I said, my currently nudey wall is going to be so beautiful I won't be able to handle it. FABULOUS.

Sharon Lobb said...

I have an empty frame like that! of course, you have noticed it downstairs and are itching to make something of it. wow, i love your creations. your use of newsprint reminds me of jenn. will you help me create something for my boring frame?

D!@N@M@R said...

heyyy good ideaaaa
I'm from colombia
I want that you visit me blog



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