Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Trees!

Come on, admit it.  You used to watch this guy and LOVE it.  I did. I loved Bob Ross. I would stare at the television in awe as he made his happy trees.  He had such a calming voice. Art therapy. 

I've created some happy trees of my own! 
 (Wedding gift) 
 Iowa and South Dakota maps for two lovers.  
 These are done on old cabinet doors that someone gave me to paint on.  I've done four for her in the past and these are going to gifts.  The doors were from a family member's kitchen and are very sentimental.  What a great gift idea!

 Special order heading to our Nation's capitol...how fitting!
 What I've been up to in my "spare" time.  Our vacation bible school is next week and the theme is bugs!  So I took some awesome cardboard boxes to create a bug town and some fun bugs for the kiddos to stick their heads through!

 For a blended family with their three cats sitting at the bottom staring up at the birdies (that represent kids) in the trees!  How fun!
 This is such a great song, Spoken For by MercyMe.  It was played at this couple's wedding and they wanted to incorporate it into some artwork.  LOVE IT!
 I finally was able to track down some 12'' by 24'' slim canvases and created this happy tree.  It's for sale! $100 plus shipping.

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