Sunday, March 18, 2012

Something special

It's wedding...and baby....and graduation....and the end of the school year....time again! This means I get the  honor of making special gifts for all of the above.  I love it when I get an email telling me that they want a special and unique gift for a person they care about.  They give me all of the details and then I get to create something special just for them.  It's an honor and a privileged! Here are some gifts that I've done for some of the mentioned occasions.  I included the price just in case you were wanting to order!
 8x10 framed music/watercolor ($40 plus shipping)
 5x7 framed watercolor wedding sign ($25 plus shipping)
 Map art 8x10 framed $40 plus shipping.
 Initial watercolor trees 5x7 framed ($25 plus shipping)
 5x7 dictionary art framed ($25 plus shipping)

 8x10 baby watercolor/framed $45 plus shipping
 Custom car painting ($50 plus shipping)
12'' by 12'' canvas for baby $45 plus shipping

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