Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chance of rain?!

Here is the massive set up....I had TONS of art. TONS I tell you. 

 One of these tents is not like the others, one of these tents just isn't the same......
I know, I know. I was a bit ghetto, but I don't have a garage to store big white art tent.  
This was BEFORE the 10% chance of showers started.  That 10% turned into a downpour over Mt.Vernon in the afternoon.  I was lucky to have some friends with tarps and towels helping me!  Despite the rain, I had a great turn out and I did the best I've ever done at a festival!  God is good. 

 My mom came to help me.  She was a wee bit cold in the morning.  I don't know what I would have done without her. She helped me set up the tent, cover the art when it rained and most importantly she ran and got me a cappuccino.  Mom, you rock.
Here is a final look a the three cabinet doors that I was given.  One for each grand daughter/daughter from the grandmother's kitchen cabinets.  Pretty cool.  I was  honored to be able to do this for the family.  Hope they like it!

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Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Looks great! (not ghetto!). God is good!


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