Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{What Inspires}

I am a firm believe that God has given everyone a bit of creativity.
They are inspired daily. 
It may be minuscule but it's there. 
It may be overflowing.
What inspires you?
Sometimes I hear a song and the way the music flows or the lyrics of the song speak to me. 
I can't sleep at night.
I toss and turn.
I have to get my ideas in paint or in writing. 
Then it is sweet release. 
In the form of art. 
It may not be pretty. 
It may not be life shattering. 
That doesn't matter to me. 
It was created. 
I love it. 
(okay, sometimes I hate it) 
I am also a firm  believe in creative therapy. 
Finding what makes you tick. 
Making music.
Find a passion.
Do it. 
{You'll thank me later}

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