Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rock Star.

 I have had MANY requests for another aspen painting, as the first one went quickly! This one is a little smaller and with a weathered black frame.  Who's going to claim it first?! On your marks, get set.......($75)
Like pears and poppies and trees.....I also have a thing for guitars.  Just look at them though? They're so sexy with their curves and lines.  This one has sheet music behind it (which you can't see unless you get really close...another reason they're so cool) Rock Star ($100)

Where I'll be NEXT: 
Open House with the amazing artists from Things with Wings
on December 4th in Iowa City. 

Later that day I'll be back in Mt.Vernon at Ed and Bette LaPointe's house for their holiday open house....complete with their spectacular jewelry, a purse lady and a ceramic artist. 

Mark your calendars! 

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