Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My buddy Sherry decided to dive in to the world of curb side garbage snagging (that's the official term, I'm certain) and scored me these awesome windows. I have people! It's good to have people!! This is called Shopping Bag because I saw a similar design on a shopping bag once. ($150)
Here is a close up detail of the window.
Still love the window, only there is a tiny crack across one of the panes. You can't see it because it's covered in paint. Cracked ($50)
Dueling Guitars ($100)
I am most excited about this score. Driving home from purchasing art supplies I came upon this bad boy in the garbage. My poor kids had to scrunch their legs up so I could fit it in the back seat. All for the sake of art! Modern Poppies ($150) Isn't it great?


laura b. said...

I like the new windows...especially the red design! I found out Willie DeWaard has the one I really liked.

jewelinthelotus said...

We call it "trash picking" where I'm from, Happy Hunting! I almost stpped for one the other day, thanks to your beautiful images, and often use your designs as inspiration for collage lessons with my students. Thank You!


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