Sunday, March 14, 2010

Before and After: Stairs

Oh yucky stairs. Here is the before. I tore up the nasty carpet and pulled out all 1.234 staples. My carpal tunnel is not thanking me.
Here is the white scratched up wall (before) You can't really tell from this photo but it's pretty icky too.
Ta Da! Here is the finished wall and painted stairs. Looks SO much better. I have some touching up to do and the duct tape at the top is now a piece of wood.
The best part is I went to Sherwin Williams and asked to see their miss mixed paint. I found this high quality $50 a gallon paint that I liked. There was two gallons for $4 a piece! Major score. The color is a light greyish tan and is very neutral. I couldn't say no do $8 for two gallons of paint. I used high gloss black and white on the stairs. I'm hoping no little boys slip and slide down them though!


Sharon Lobb said...

Hey Keri ...did you paint your wall gray? Oh man, your stairway is gorgeous!!! You are amazing. I say that everytime I comment. Anyway, I am thinking of painting my walls in the dining room and down the hall gray. What do you think? I think I should hire you.

Lindsay said...

It looks wonderful!!


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