Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just a few little odds and ends from my piles upon piles of art. I have slowly taken over the kitchen table because my, "art space" is 1. not heated (poor cold little paint bottles) and 2. The dog/garage/mud room is just that.....muddy and doggie. The boys have learned to leave the art supplies alone, but the other day I caught Brody playing with scissors and I'm certain it will not the be last time! He lives life on the edge.
I stumbled upon an old hymnal and am LOVING the words from the old hymns. Such an inspiration and truly beautiful. I'm trying to get more things done for the art night and wine tasting on February 13th. I hope some of you locals peeps can make it.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, it was my birthday! I might use some birthday money for art supplies :)

Check out this website. You put in words or your blog address and it creates art from those words! Pretty snazzy. Here is one from this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I also spent all my birthday money on art supplies.


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