Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My little find

I have a neighbor who lives across the street in this enormous Victorian house. I've never been inside, but I know that she has some incredible treasures waiting inside. Occasionally she sets out some treasures on the curb and lets people go hog wild. Since I'm close, I watch and wait and then make my move. I scored this little side table and another antique table with a white tin top. I sanded, sealed and added a new knob and I'm in love. I love the old patina look, you can't replicate that if you tried. Although I have no where for this little jewel in my house, I will keep it until I find a space. I can't decide on a color for the knee high tin table though....I was thinking that vintage teal. You know, the color of those old vintage refrigerators? Love it. So if you have anything like this hiding in your garage, send them my way!

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Janice said...

LOVE IT!!! I have snagged some things from her as well.


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